Group Training to Help CoolScuplting Providers Sell More CoolSculpting

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DEC 6-7, 2019

9am-5pm (Fri)

9am-4pm (Sat)

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Do you struggle to grow your CoolScuplting Business?

Is your follow up system complicated - or worse - non-existent?

Are you struggling to get repeat and referral business?

Do you need help differentiating your practice from everyone else?

Did your last marketing effort flop, or are you out of ideas?

Do you get the phone to ring but have a hard time setting consults?

Is discounting your go-to tactic to increase your close rate?

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Book More Consults

Sell More CoolSculpting

Get More Repeat & Referral Business

Everything You Need to Know:

Join us as we reveal the secrets behind our successful CoolSculpting practice.

We are sharing what worked (and what didn't) from our very own experience here at Bodify.

We cover the "5 Pillars" of a successful CoolSculpting business.

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Lead Nurturing
  3. Lead Conversion/Sales
  4. Client Experience & Retention
  5. Improving Clinical Outcomes

Group discussions, breakout sessions, individual, and group exercises make the days fun and invaluable.

Our promise is to give each attendee a 10x return!

Regardless if you are a new, old, struggling or thriving CoolSculpting practice, this training is for you!

Investment: $3,500

Each additional staff member is $3,500

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